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Continuous integration step by step with Howard Deiner

We hear a lot about continuous integration these days, but some of us are still confused about what exactly CI is. Is it just a fancy way of doing builds? Does it mean you have to have all your regression tests automated? I got a chance to sit down with Howard Deiner at Agile 2011 and asked him more about continuous integration. He has written a series of four tips for us in which he explains the benefits of continuous integration and provides an implementation plan from beginning to end.

Check out this informative set of tips:

Continuous integration: Quality from the start with automated regression

Automating your release management processes with CI

Intro to integration: Automation from version control to deployment

DevOps: Adding database automation to your continuous delivery strategy

For a quick overview of what continuous integration means, take a look this video clip I took of Howard at the conference:

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