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Coverage from software test conferences CAST and Agile 2010

This month, is bringing you content focused on growth and professional development in your software quality career.  One way to grow in your career is to attend conferences related to software test and quality. And if you’re not able to attend in person, is here to help.

SSQ Assistant Editor Dan Mondello attended CAST in Grand Rapids, Mich., on August 2-4.  In Gain better software testing skills: Practice what the pros preach, Mondello reports what he learned from Nancy Kelln’s presentation, Cutting the Mustard – Lessons learned in striving to become a superstar tester. The session and Mondello’s recap includes recommendations and discussion amongst software test professionals that attended CAST in how to become a superstar tester.

In the article, Avoid communication breakdowns between testers and non-testers, Mondello  reports on a session given by test professional, Catherine Powell. In this session, Powell describes methods for ensuring testers are considering their audience and communicating most effectively for success.

Coverage continues the week of August 9th when I’ll be attending Agile 2010 in Orlando, Fla. I was already able to get a preview of agile guru Mike Cohn’s keynote presentation from the Denver Agile User Group meeting earlier this summer, and I have a face-to-face interview planned with Cohn, among others, at the conference.  Stay tuned to the Software Quality Insights blog and Twitter for the latest updates on the conference. And if you plan to attend yourself, let’s meet!

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