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Crowdsource test group uTest announces $17 million funding deal

A number of announcements have come out from crowdsource test group uTest in the past couple of years. Today the organization is celebrating as they complete a $17 million Series D round of funding. The company has achieved year-over-year growth of 250% over the past three years and is on track to become the first crowdsourcing company to file an IPO.

What makes uTest so successful? Well, take a look at CEO Doron Reuveni’s blog post for the stats on the history of their tremendous growth. As we heard from VP of marketing and community Matt Johnston in his keynote about “into the wild” testing at STPCon, SoLoMo (Social, local and mobile) has huge growth opportunities, and uTest is well-positioned to capitalize on those markets.

My opinion? It’s uTest’s great sense of community and their amazing and unique use of social media that contributes so greatly to their success. 

Our SSQ theme for December is the use of social media in ALM and in this industry, uTest is a leader in using social media to build community amongst their 45,000+ group of testers and their customers, and they also lead the way in gathering data that will help enhance their products and services.

But what really makes the difference to me, personally, is the genuine sense of kindness I’ve felt from the leadership in this company, and that, of course, filters down to the employees who emulate that sense of community and generosity.

I first learned about uTest in October 2009. Having recently been laid off from Sun after the Oracle acquisition, I was just an unemployed blogger who had an interest in social media and QA. I was intrigued by the idea of crowdsource test and blogged about it. The blog post earned me a personal email from uTest’s community manager Peter Shih and an introduction to Matt Johnston, who agreed to be interviewed for my first podcast!

In January, 2010, I got this job as a Site Editor for SSQ at TechTarget, and now I have the privilege of talking to VIPs, including uTest CEO Doron Reuveni, regularly, but I have a very special place in my heart for those who talked to me when I was simply an unemployed blogger. Community managers and VPs are busy people. I understand that they need to spend their time judiciously and can’t talk to everyone. So when they take the time to talk to me — not because of my title or what I can do for them — simply because I ask… that means something!

But the real reason I love this organization is that they did something that touched my heart and will remain with me for the rest of my life. Earlier this year, my son went missing. When I put out the word on Twitter, my friends at uTest used their huge network to help spread the word of his disappearance. We found my son shortly after and I am eternally grateful to all those who helped me in that search. It was particularly heart-warming for me to get care, support and help from people who didn’t know me personally.

Though we all talk about the value of “face-to-face” relationships, there is something very special and touching when someone who has never met you reaches out to help you. And when your professional life mixes with your personal life, well, that’s what makes us human. Could that be the key that bonds us together and fosters a loyalty, perhaps even stronger than a face-to-face relationship?

Businesses are using social media in many ways. In order to be effective, they cannot simply market their products and promote themselves. They have to give back to the community in some way. uTest is successful for a lot of reasons. But what I believe is the secret ingredient behind the success is the genuine goodness that’s at the heart of their culture.

Congratulations uTest. You’re tops in my book.

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