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DevOps supports true agility, quality and performance, says HP

HP has embraced the concept of DevOps. “The idea of creating true agility” is to ensure that applications function exactly the way they were designed to, explained Matt Morgan, VP of hybrid IT and cloud, product marketing, HP software, in a recent interview.

Earlier this summer, HP announced the release of enhanced versions of HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)  and HP Performance Center (PC). These offerings facilitate continuous delivery of applications, which enable visibility, collaboration and quality in a DevOps environment.

Morgan highlighted a continued emphasis on quality: “Quality has always been a core principle. It’s a core principle whether you’re building a mainframe app, a client server app, a Web app or you’re maintaining apps that are 20 years old. What we’re finding is that while the practice of building software has changed, and is changing, the need to ensure quality has become more important.”

The role of the project manager in DevOps is different than in traditional models. PMs can digitize the key performance indicators, determining success early by looking at a digital dashboard. HP’s approach focuses on providing this type of visibility through an executive scorecard that enables the project manager to track information and disseminate information amongst team members.

“HP believes that performance is a key tenet to quality,” Morgan said. Basically all consumers have high expectations for performance. He explained that HP seeks to facilitate the collaboration between the two sides—development and operations—by creating an application performance management solution that operates bi-directionally, enabling information to travel back and forth from pre-production to resolve defects.

As far as the relationship between agility and quality, Morgan asserted, “There is a lot of concern that QA professionals have that agility means less quality. And it is the absolute opposite. People are betting their business in a more key way on business software than ever before. And that software cannot fail.”

“The idea of quality being in at any point marginalized needs to be flipped on its head. Actually, there has been a spike in the importance of quality. I think this is a call to all quality assurance professionals to elevate their conversations, both internally and externally, about how key quality becomes when competition is just a click away,” Morgan concluded.

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