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Developer to tester: Cannot reproduce the error...

How do test professionals deal with developers who insist there are no defects in their code? I talked about this with a test professional I met at the STARWEST Conference in Anaheim last week. This situation has come up so often for her that she has figured out some good ways to work around it. Here is her advice for other test professionals struggling to get things right with devs who give them a hard time.

Don’t get mad. It’s important to work effectively with developers otherwise you are hurting yourself. Devs don’t like it when you find a bug and they sometimes take it personally. Don’t retaliate by taking it personally, too.

Don’t use the word “defect.” One developer told me he hates that word because it sounds so harsh. So we just decided to call them something else – we came up with word “bunnies.”

Document the problem. Years ago I worked with a developer who always came back to me with “cannot reproduce” no matter what I found. When this happens, stay calm and document the problem in whatever tool you’re using in great detail. It’s was hard for her to refute the evidence.

• Get to know the devs you work with on a personal level. If you make an effort, you can always find some way to get along. We are all human beings. We are all on the same team.

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