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Early adopters, Agile philanthropy key points in ADP keynote

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Those were Ben Parker’s dying words, spoken to a young Peter Parker, alias Spiderman. It was also the subtitle of Electroglide Bob Payne’s keynote on the opening day of Software Quality Engineering’s Agile Development Practices Conference in Orlando, Fla.

The keynote’s focus was Agile philanthropy, a term Payne uses to describe the benefits of Agile. Payne discussed the new Agile Philanthropy project, whose volunteers from the open source and commercial software industry assist non-profits with application coding, development and delivery. “This industry has been very kind to me,” says Payne, “I felt obligated to give back.” If you would like to speak with Bob Payne about volunteering, contact him at

Payne’s other project is transitioning Electroglide, a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm, and rebranding the company too CodeGreenLabs, a new brand name but one still focused on Agile software development and transitioning companies to Agile. Payne has been an Agile user since 1999, before the publication of The Agile Manifesto.

Typically Electroglide’s ideal clients have been large financial service providers and video game development companies. He’s seen that financial companies are early adopters of Agile. Indeed, he thinks the financial service provider market is in the greatest need for Agile business practices. They usually are already working together on coding projects and only need slightly more-focused guidance to fully work with the upmost agility, he said.

While financial firms are definitely interested in Agile, they can be reluctant to engage in Agile practices. Transitioning normally takes one-to-five months to complete, Payne said, but transition included two Agile projects: one related to technology and practices; another in which the company works cooperatively with Payne to learn the Agile mindset.

In Payne’s experience, the gaming industry has been the most open to Agile practices, largely because the way in which game developers have been creating games already closely mimics the Agile methodology.

While Payne is an Agile evangelist, he did not sugarcoat the Agile way, noting that the Agile approach just isn’t going to yield companies the desired results in every situation.

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I met with Bob Payne at Orlando and he is a great personality and is dedicated to give back to the world through helping the non profits , it is a great concept and it is wonderful that knowledge workers can practise - Give Gain.