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Effective analysis and visualization of performance test data

Performance testing is a difficult and complicated skill to learn. Not only do you need to understand how to performance test applications, you need to know how to make sense of the vast amount of data you gather, and then present that to engineers, managers and customers in a way that makes most sense to them so that they’re able to make informed decisions.

On May 8th, Mais Tawfik presented “Performance Data Analysis” at Denver’s SQuAD (Software Quality Association of Denver) meeting. In her session, she showed ways of presenting data in visual formats so that they would highlight anomalies and help present a full picture when analyzing the results of a performance test effort.

Attributes for effective analysis and visualization of data discussed included:

  • Simple
  • Organized
  • Tells a story
  • Offers faster interpretation
  • Highlights what’s pertinent
  • Highlights trends and patterns
  • Designed for the target audience
  • Reflects the big picture
  • Suggests conclusions
  • Provides context
  • Maintains data integrity
  • Accounts for gaps in data

Though Tawfik highlighted how this is done with performance test data by using a real-life case study, these techniques are useful whenever analyzing and presenting large amounts of data.

Listen in to the video clip below to hear from Mais Tawfic about her presentation and the benefits of visualization of performance test data.

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