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Electric Cloud, Wind River team up for faster testing and deployment of Android apps

As the Android marketplace continues to grow at a rapid pace, Android developers face the problem of maintaining software quality while also meeting the time constraints for deployment. Electric Cloud, a DevOps optimization company, recently announced a partnership with mobile testing experts Wind River. This collaboration aims to ease the burden on Android developers by offering a solution that dramatically increases the speed of testing and deployment while upholding high quality standards.

In a recent conversation, Electric Cloud CEO Mike Maciag described how the company’s solutions accelerate the optimization process, and provide a framework to integrate disparate tools, as well as the reporting infrastructure needed to produce a cohesive view of the application.

Vice President of Product Marketing at Wind River, Ido Sarig, explained how Wind River has “reproduced reams and reams of log files that are very difficult to manually parse through. We’ve unified all those inside test management, providing you a single-click, single-point method to run tens of thousands of test cases and then consolidate all the test results and artifacts using a standard format in a single repository.”

Wind River has integrated its testing solutions with the Electric Cloud solution set, creating a seamless flow between development and testing processes. Maciag discussed the advantages of the partnership, explaining how Electric Cloud offers solutions that manage the complexity of the development lifecycle, while Wind River provides a homogeneous output of test data.

“The combination of the automation to deal with the complex matrix and the homogeneity brought by the Wind River test management suite takes a very complex environment, slows it down, makes it very simple and allows the process to move quickly,” Maciag said.

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