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Enterprise Agile: Handling the challenges of dispersed teams and large-scale projects

There’s no denying that agile adoption is on the rise. But can agile methodologies, originally intended for small, co-located teams, be effective when we apply them to large-scale projects and geographically dispersed teams?

This week SSQ brings you a full range of articles and multimedia content covering solutions to the challenges of large-scale agile, particularly on distributed teams.

Included in our Distributed Agile Lesson is a videocast interview, a podcast interview and tip from well-known agile expert, Lisa Crispin. The lesson also hosts several short video clips from expert practitioners of distributed agile, including Janet Gregory and Jon Bach. Additionally, you’ll find a book review of A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum, along with a video clip from the book’s co-author Elizabeth Woodward.

In Scaling Agile software development: Challenges and solutions, consultant Nari Kannan provides further insights and advice about implementing agile in the large. And if that’s not enough, requirements expert Sue Burk advises best practices on gathering requirements in a distributed team in an expert response to a user question.

Want more? Mark your calendars for December 14th when SSQ will be hosting a virtual trade show, dedicated to providing you information on trends and solutions with large-scale agile.

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