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Enterprise cloud development: CollabNet announces new cloud development services

CollabNet recently announced the release of a video scribe that highlights five principles for adopting and scaling cloud development practices. I spoke with Jim Ensell, Chief Marketing and strategy officer, and Guy Marion, VP and GM of Cloud Division from CollabNet about this announcement and how their CloudForge offering evolved.

Ensell highlighted the three major trends that they are seeing in the IT industry right now, first identifying Agile adoption in the enterprise, and then noting, “Another big megatrend we see is the convergence of the development and operations world into what today is called DevOps. And then thirdly is really the cloud, which has become a big accelerator toward this movement toward DevOps.” In response to these trends, CollabNet has been moving to Enterprise Cloud Development services.

CollabNet is responding to the need for hybrid cloud services by offering their private cloud service TeamForge, and their public cloud service CloudForge. Customers can take advantage of aspects of both of these platforms.

Marion explained:

Customers can create an account in minutes and start to use the service. It’s open to what platform you work in, what framework you’re developing in. Our number two most common use case is actually developing for mobile platforms like iOS or Android. We also, number one, support development for Web development, Web properties, Internet applications, whether it’s a website or Facebook app or whatever. There’s also a lot of enterprise development to be done in primarily Java and increasingly in languages like PHP. So we provide a set of open services, allow people to plug in with their own development environments and hook into the code repository that we host for them.

CollabNet is refocusing around enterprise cloud with CloudForge, a development platform as a service (dPaaS) that supports cloud development teams.

According to the video scribe, “Enterprise Cloud Development is a powerful new trend that enables development teams to leverage the power of Agile processes and integrate development and operations teams, all while harnessing the benefits of hybrid cloud computing to provide the enterprise with a centralized view of productivity, cost management and compliance. Think of it as the orchestration of application lifecycle management and DevOps across any platform, framework or cloud.”

Click here to view CollabNet’s video scribe, “Five Steps to Software Development and DevOps in the Hybrid Cloud.”

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