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Gorilla Logic announces automation test tool for iOS

Today Gorilla Logic announced the release of a new open source automation test tool, FoneMonkey 5, for testing iPhone and iPad applications.

I spoke with president and CEO of Gorilla Logic, Stu Stern, who was one of the founders of Gorilla Logic in 2002. A former Sun Microsystems exec, Stern says Gorilla Logic, primarily an Agile development consulting firm, brings an executive perspective with rigorous process to their clients.

“One of the challenges was finding good testing tools for rich applications,” says Stern when talking about the creation of FlexMonkey, their first open source automated test tool for Flex applications.

Now they are following that up with FoneMonkey which is a robust script recording and playback tool, similar to the popular open-source tool, Selenium. Working on both simulators and real devices, FoneMonkey includes code generation options, generating test scripts in Objective-C that can be run under OCUnit, or JavaScript that can be run with Apple’s UI Automation tools.

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