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HP executive offers advice for addressing mobile app performance issues

“Only 12% of companies perform a thorough analysis before enabling mobile devices access to business applications,” according to a recent survey conducted by Dimensional Research and sponsored by HP. Yet as Gal Tunik, Senior Product Manager, HP Software, observes in a recent article, “mobile applications have revolutionized how people conduct business.” He discussed challenges and strategies for managing mobile application performance in a recent interview.


Challenges include server utilization issues, network issues and end-to-end performance testing problems, Tunik explains. HP and partnering organizations provide products that address each of these issues and integrate with each other.


Tunik offered the following pointers for deployment and mobile performance testing:

  • Using your business goals as a guide, identify the devices your targeted market is most likely using; this is important as it is not feasible to test each and every device on the market.  
  • Consider developing with the older models in mind.
  • Enhance employee productivity by doing BYOD (“bring your own device”) functional testing.
  • Test applications on each of the main operating systems, as these can affect performance differently.
  • Test in real network conditions, on real carriers, which can vary widely.

For more information on testing management, see Real-time performance monitoring for mobile apps, Mobile testing: Nine strategy tests you’ll want to perform and Improving software performance: Mobile, cloud computing demand APM.

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