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HP set to boost configuration management for cloud computing

Traditional and cloud computing environments are becoming more complex, at the same time that companies feel pressure to deliver more services and efficiently manage IT performance. For the cloud, particularly, application configuration can be a bottleneck. To try to meet the emerging needs, HP recently rolled out a new configuration management system that provides visibility into software and infrastructure while offering new automated capabilities.

HP Configuration Management System (CMS) 10 includes HP Universal Discovery software, which offers automated discovery capabilities to support the deployment and management of physical, virtual and cloud projects. HP CMS 10 forms an essential part of the HP IT Performance Suite, an enterprise performance software platform.

Jimmy Augustine, product marketing manager, HP Software explained that “just-in-time discovery allows us to run in very different environments.” Additionally, automated discovery lowers costs resulting from service disruption and reduces time spent on manual discovery. Basically, the HP software can go out and map complex configurations, including applications and infrastructure. It provides a map of dependencies too.

“We come back with a rich picture of the software they have. And it supports business services,” said Augustine.

A prime selling point for cloud computing is that the machines can be up and running immediately, not in months. “It’s great for users, but on the backend it is a challenge,” said Augustine. The goal for CMS 10 is to fill in the gap.

Public cloud is a promising class of cloud, but it does not come without some familiar stubborn details for operations to address. The HP software is intended to help here as well. The software is helpful when operations people must oversee such details as license compliance, added Augustine. On another note, the HP software can help testers by making available a more accurate map of the running system.

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