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History on the Go: New mobile apps engage students

Recently, SSQ spoke with Marc Schulman, an application developer with MultiEducator, Inc., to learn more about new iPad apps that enable students to study American history through their mobile devices.


These apps allow for interaction with the material in ways that text books simply can’t match. Students can access in-depth historical documents, texts and visual aids through these apps, which provide videos, photos, music and other artifacts, appealing to the various learning styles of students. While traditional text books are costly, physically heavy and feature permanent print, apps like History on the Go have a different pricing model, are contained within the user’s one mobile device and can be corrected or updated instantaneously.


MultiEducator has released applications on the Civil War and the Constitution, and this summer announced the release of their new Revolutionary War app. These apps provide multimedia presentations of the events, battles, documents, historical figures, related paintings, biographies and other relevant information from these historical eras to help students engage with history and learn through a multi-faceted medium.


According to Marc Schulman: 

When you use the multimedia products we have and will be developing, you can do multiple modalities in terms of learning, in the same place. You can have the written text, for kids who do best by reading; you can have a visual presentation of the same material for those kids who do best with the visual or audio learning. You can have kids do interactive projects for kids who do best with interactive methods. You have the ability to have the multiple modalities of learning in one place, on one device. I think that will transform the learning opportunities for kids.


In terms of testing these types of applications, Schulman explained that Apple has a strong security system in place, which facilitates app generation for developers. After putting apps through the rigorous process, the security is for the most part taken care of. At this time, History on the Go apps are available only through Apple.


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