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How does your job -- and your paycheck -- compare?

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What matters most to you? A big paycheck? A job that is going to make the world better? Or an environment that’s not particularly stressful?

Apparently you do have a choice. According to a brand new survey of 18 large high tech companies from PayScale Human Capital, tech workers today are mostly young, white and male, none of which is surprising. But what might surprise you is that working at Facebook isn’t particularly stressful – just 44% say they’re tense while on the job – while 92% of employees at SpaceX report their jobs make the world a better place.

But of course there are trade-offs. SpaceX employees also say their jobs are the most stressful, and at $78,500, their paychecks are among the lowest in the early career stage. Facebook, on the other hand, is apparently the most satisfying place to work – 96% percent of those surveyed rated it as gratifying. Of course, Facebook is also filled with young people and perhaps they’re happier? The median age of a FB employee is 29.

At more established Hewlett-Packard, the median employee age is 38 (the highest in the survey). Interestingly, HP also has the lowest early career salary, at $65,400. But that doesn’t seem to deter people; HP employees are some of the most experienced and tend to stay around (the median number of years with the company is six.)

Wondering where the women are? eBay has the highest percentage of female employees at 43%, followed by LinkedIn, Samsung and Facebook. Least likely to employ a woman is SpaceX where only 14% of workers are female.
Of course, if it does come down to a paycheck for you, you’ll want to choose LinkedIn, where mid-career median pay was $159,600, or Salesforce or Google, where those paychecks were still over the $150k mark.

Want to know even more about how your job and salary compare the rest of the world? Take the PayScale Salary Survey.