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IBM software quality tools help organizations collaborate, reduce risk and costs

Following up on its June announcement to release 20 products for its Jazz platform, IBM last week announced two new products — Rational Quality Manager and Rational Test Lab Manager.

Rational Quality Manager is a collaboration hub that includes involvement from the business side down through development and testing. “It streamlines the development process to make sure requirements are met and that they’re quality requirements,” said Scott Hebner, vice president of offerings for IBM Rational.

By ensuring all relevant members of the workforce are in sync and have access to data in real-time, a company can more easily make informed decisions, better assign and utilize their resources, and react quickly to changes in the marketplace at a lower cost, IBM said.

“It provides a more defined process for how people work together and produce software,” Hebner said.

You determine everyone’s roles and the process you have to go through, and then decide the policies, procedures, and who can make decisions. You don’t move on in the process until the policies are met, he said.

Additionally, any communication between people and documentation that results is stored and becomes part of the workflow. That data is updated in real-time as changes are made.

“It provides more real-time updates and data,” Hebner said. “It will significantly lower the cost and risk of shipping poor quality software.”

Another new tool is Rational Test Lab Manager. Feeding off of the Quality Manager, it automates configuration of all the test machines. “This will help improve test lab scheduling and help them better utilize their resources,” Hebner said.

In economic times such as these, when companies are looking to cut costs and inefficiencies, Hebner said tools such as these will help. They will become more efficient and will reduce risk.

“As customers look at cost reductions, they’ll see inefficiencies in their IT department and will need to improve that,” he said. “These products are the kinds of offerings they’ll hopefully turn to in order to reduce costs and become more efficient.”

In related news, IBM is launching several other new releases of products within its Quality Management Portfolio, including IBM Rational Application Performance Analyzer, IBM Rational Functional Tester, IBM Rational Quality Manager Express, IBM Rational Performance Tester, IBM Rational Service Tester for SOA Quality, IBM Rational Test RealTime, IBM Rational AppScan Tester Edition, IBM Rational RequisitePro, IBM Rational Measured Capability Improvement Framework Assessments, Telelogic Rhapsody TestConductor, and IBM Rational Requirements Composer which is expected later this year.

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