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Is your software automation testing framework working?

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When it comes to software testing automation, it seems we all still have a long way to go. A look at a new survey from Logigear looks at the state of your software automation testing framework, and all that surrounds it, and it’s easy to understand why everyone struggles.

First, just 56% said their organization had all the skills to automate, and 34% said their teams only had some of the skills. In fact that same percentage (34%) said lack of skills was the number one reason preventing them from implementing a successful software automation testing framework. Other barriers include overall cost (32%), management doesn’t understand (31%), and the high price of tools (also 31%).

Interestingly, 38% of the survey respondents rolled out a software automation testing framework that failed, but they moved past that and now have an ongoing automation program. On the other hand 25% tried, failed, tried again and still did not succeed. An impressive 19% said they were able to initiate a software automation testing framework that worked the first time.

When asked to describe automated testing efforts, the most popular answer, at 19%, was that it eliminates repetitive tasks so time can be spent doing more interesting/important exploratory testing. And at least some companies are starting to appreciate how a software automation testing framework can improve things: 14% said it was a “very effective” part of the test process.

Logigear also asked companies how they measure whether testing works. A hefty 67% said it was by time saved, followed by number of functions automated (38%) and bugs found (34%).

To improve automation efforts going forward, 53% said they needed to make them more maintainable, while 38% wanted to add new functions or tests more quickly and 35% simply wanted to run automated tests more quickly.

How do these stats compare to your own software automation testing framework? Let us know.