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Jail Breaking ban lifted on Apple products

For long, Apple has relied solely on laws to protect them and keep third-party application developers out of its platform-specific OS. Apple’s unfaltering drive for platform-specific application independence for long left users with one option, “Jail Breaking”. The Jail Breaking technique basically allows use of a third-party applications, by modifying the operating system through use of a free online plug.The plug-in amends the rules engine on the Apple product operating system, and in turn allows third-party, non-apple specific applications to run on Apple products. This was the consumer’s only option when it came to running non-sanctioned applications on Apple smart devices. Until today.

At the traditional three year mark, the Library of Congress opened its doors and allowed legal complainants an audience. This time the topic was how Apple and other technologies encryption and independent legal barriers which prevent users from modifying or copying are an infringement on user’s rights. After several court victories in favor, this year Apple will return to the bench with its head down.

The flood doors are officially open, now anyone and everyone can develop on the iPhone, iPod and virtually any other formerly restricted Apple platform. Jail Breaking Apple products is now covered under the “fair use” clause.

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