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Jean Tabaka's keynote at Mile High Agile: Lean in

The inaugural Mile High Agile Conference kicked off April 7th with a keynote from Agile Fellow, Jean Tabaka from Rally Software. Addressing the crowd of 500 (a sell-out), Tabaka spoke of the importance of community and working together to “elevate agility,” the conference’s theme in her presentation titled, “Elevating the Agile Community of Thinkers.”

Tabaka started by describing a meeting she’d had with fellow Agile enthusiasts, Liz Keogh and Eric Willeke, in which they forged the idea of creating a “community of thinkers,” — people who would demonstrate leadership behaviors and help promote agile thinking. She stressed the difference between community building and destructive bullying, speaking of the infighting that can happen amongst Agile enthusiasts who are determined to “win” or be “right” and make the other person “wrong.” Instead, Tabaka encourages people to “invite inquiry.” “Your organization is only as wise as the least vocal person,” she says, encouraging everyone to have a voice in discussions.

Throughout the keynote, Tabaka encouraged us to all “lean in” and take risks. “Be prepared to take the hard stuff and push yourself out of your comfort zone,” she encouraged.

Here’s a reaction from Wayne Wells who was at the conference:

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