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Keynote DeviceAnywhere provides customized performance monitoring to GPS vendor TomTom

In keeping with SearchSoftwareQuality’s focus on mobility testing this month, I spoke with the VP of Marketing at Keynote DeviceAnywhere, Leila Modarres, and the VP of Technical Operations for TomTom, Ian Hammond, regarding the recent implementation of a performance monitoring solution for TomTom’s in-vehicle GPS devices as well as the iPhone app. Keynote DeviceAnywhere provides a real-time monitoring product, Test Center Enterprise Monitoring™ (TCE Monitoring), which is accessed over a cloud-based platform.

Quality is imperative, yet it can be time-consuming and expensive to ensure quality on mission-critical applications. Keynote DeviceAnywhere offers a public cloud or a private cloud option for Software-as-a-Service models that provide testing through automated processes as well as real-time monitoring services.

The TCE Monitoring service has enabled TomTom to provide geographically specific monitoring to their market in France. Keynote DeviceAnywhere’s hardware integration solution allows TomTom to upgrade their own software without having to do re-integration on their devices and without redoing their test sets each time.

Ian Hammond discussed the expansion of these TomTom offerings to the U.S. and other countries, and how they will be able to continue monitoring performance in different geographical areas. He explained, “We don’t have offices everywhere, so this kind of solution allows us to put our devices wherever we want to put them and monitor them in any geography, which is invaluable when we’re trying to do full diagnoses.”

For more information about this partnership, check out Real-time performance monitoring for mobile apps.









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