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Lowered cost for security testing suite

In response to economic issues and as a way to encourage more companies to test applications for security, Ounce Labs has reduced the cost of its Static Application Security Testing suite.

The shift in the pricing and licensing models will lower costs and complexity for Ounce 6 customers, the company said.

In a prepared statement Ounce CEO Gary Jackson said:

We intend to accelerate enterprise adoption and make source code analysis more accessible for every company concerned with application security, from the smallest shops to the largest enterprises. The new pricing schedule will speed time to value and ensure that every organization can afford, deploy, and capitalize on source code scanning to protect their critical data.

The fee for the defined organization will allow unlimited users or seats, and unlimited product installations. Third party contractors working for the organization will also have access to the products, at no additional fee.

“Site” is a single legal organization where all users are within a 3 mile radius. An organization with fewer than 200 employees, and operating revenue of $50 million or less is a Level A Site. This may be an independent company or the department of a larger company.

“Business Unit” is a geographically dispersed, single legal organization. An organization with operating revenue of $500 Million or less is a Level C Business Unit.


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