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Making metrics less elusive in DevOps

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Andreas Grabner, a “performance enthusiast” who works at Dynatrace, understands that metrics are the holy grail of a DevOps team, but he also knows that the information can be hard to come by on the Devs side of things.

Speaking recently at DevOps Days Boston, he was clear about what developers need: “Metrics should be put in your face.”

In fact, he recommends installing ceiling devices that can go from green to red so that devs can know instantly if a build isn’t working. Spinning red overhead lights can go a long way to drawing attention to a problem, right?

And it’s really not about automation, he said, because automating bad code does nothing for anyone. The key is to find a way to bring data to the developers right where they are.

“A developer is 100 percent responsible for the code,” Grabner said. “The code runs on the framework and if you don’t use the analytics tools you have you won’t know what’s going on. With a metrics-driven pipeline you get better code from the beginning.”

You don’t have tools, you say?

Ah, but there are so many out there, many available free of charge for personal use.

Here are some of Grabner’s suggestions:
Free of charge tools from Dynatrace.
Understanding PurePath (and getting a longer free trial).

Want to tell us what your favorite go-to analytics option is?