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Mike Cohn previews his ADAPTing to Agile keynote

Mike Cohn, one of the leading authorities on agile methodologies, just happens to live in Lafayette, CO, a Denver suberb. This is lucky for those of us that live in the Denver area because it means we occasionally get to see him speak at the Denver Agile User Group meetings. Such was the case last week when Cohn gave us a preview of the keynote he will be giving at this the Agile 2010 Conference  being held August 9-13 in Orlando, FLA.

In his presentation, Cohn reminds of the progress that’s been made in agile. Though it’s not a silver bullet, organizations that are using agile have reported productivity improvements. “Agile is not something you become; it’s something you become more of, ” Cohn stressed. He then added, “For most of us, it’s about becoming more than we were.” Cohn challenged us to “raise the bar on each other,” finding ways to incrementally improve. “It’s still about continuous improvement,” he said. Cohn then talked about how we should be ADAPTing to agile with:

  • Awareness
  • Desire to Change
  • Ability to work in an agile manner
  • Promote early successes to build momentum and get others to follow
  • Transfer the impact of agile through the organization so it sticks

Check out this video where Cohn tells us about ADAPTing to agile.

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