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Mingling with Agile book authors at Agile 2010

One of the great things about attending Agile 2010 is that many of the authors of books I’ve read on agile topics are right here! Agile methodologies preach the importance of face-to-face communication. That is also true when it comes to meeting authors. It’s really very exciting to put a face and a personality to a name and to get to know these experts personally!

Mike Cohn, one of the conference’s keynote speakers, has a signature series of agile books. I spent some time with Cohn this morning and enjoyed getting his views on various agile models. I asked Cohn to tell me a little bit about his book, “Succeeding with Agile: Software Development using Scrum.”

I’ve spoken with Lyssa Adkins, author of Coaching Agile Teams, both in a podcast, as well as when I was exploring her book through a Q&A and I was finally able to meet up with her in person. We discovered we were both CTI-certified coaches and discussed techniques to motivate employees to be top performers. I told Lyssa that I thought much of the advice in her book would be applicable as strong leadership and coaching techniques in any setting or domain.

Now I had planned to meet with Cohn and Adkins, but I ended up hitting the Mike Cohn signature series jackpot last night when I found a whole group of the authors getting ready to go out to eat. I, of course, stopped them and asked if I could shoot a quick video. In this video you’ll find authors Kenny Rubin, Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory, Lyssa Adkins and Jurgen Appello.

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