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Mobile application development tools on Google: Android Smartphone App Inventor

While Apple’s famous (now possibly infamous) iPhone 4 continues battling with physical malfunctions, bad press and more recently lawsuits, Google has opened developer doorways into its Android Smartphone.

A new public offering called App Inventor allows just about anyone to become an application developer on the popular Android format which runs on a Google operating system. Google has been boasting incredible ease of use and availability to everyone all morning as reported on

App Inventor uses predesigned templates (blocks as Google has identified them) to create numerous different applications using the popular WSIWIG format familiar throughout the internet. The application developing engine appears to cater primarily towards “fun apps” like games, socializing features, quizzes and other frivolous applications, so professional Smartphone app developers should continue to dedicate their attention to their proven development tools.

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The software will give Google an upper hand in the smartphone market by allowing more people to develop apps for Android smartphones, thus making the mobile OS even more popular. Frida Adams from [B][A href=""]Rapidsoft Technologies[/A][/B]