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MobileCause and software testing: SaaS platform ensures quality for non-profits

SSQ spoke with Jeff Kuligowski, who recently became Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MobileCause, a Web service that enables mobile giving, engagement, CRM and donor communication for non-profit organizations. Using their Software as a Service platform, MobileCause has facilitated thousands of campaigns that allow donors to give to non-profit agencies via text message pledges as well as on-the-spot event donating.

Kuligowski explained the importance of testing in regard to non-profit brand management:

In particular, when you’re looking at the non-profit marketplace as your customer base, testing becomes very important. I equate to sort of being the quarterback of a football team; you probably get too much credit when everything is going well, and you get too much blame when it goes bad. The same case is true for the brand of a non-profit. If somebody has a bad experience interacting with the organization through a tool—like a mobile donation tool—the brand is actually the one that gets the blame. And the same thing is true when you do a good job; you create value and add to the brand.

Testing informs many of the decisions made at MobileCause. For example, they chose the SaaS model to avoid the slippery slope of testing on the numerous available devices. The drawback to delivering services in this manner is that they do not take advantage of the many capabilities and aesthetically novel features that new smartphone models have to offer; their site is simple and straightforward.

However, the advantage is reliability. Containing the software to one manageable domain ensures quality, availability and integrity without running the risks inherent in running applications on multiple, frequently changing devices. This consistency of quality is imperative for a sector that relies so heavily on reputation and positive image.

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