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Networking virtually at SSQ's application performance seminar

Last week, I was able to attend a trade show, network with performance test experts, learn about some new performance test tools and hear some very informative presentations — all free and from the comfort of my den. How did I do it? Well, virtually, of course.

SearchSoftwareQuality hosted Build, Bug, and Lifecycle Strategies, a virtual trade show focused on tools, strategies and techniques for executing effective application performance management. There were even prizes given out for visitor participation.

The last virtual seminar I’d attended was at Sun and held using Second Life. Now, I’m not one to knock new technologies; but I have to tell you, I got a little bit freaked out when I started flying around in Second Life without really knowing how to navigate.  I finally made it to the conference room to listen to Scott McNealy’s keynote and couldn’t quite figure out how to sit down.  Then I saw some poor guy’s avatar wandering aimlessly across the virtual stage in front of the virtual Scott McNealy.  “Someone better help that guy off the stage,” quipped the “live” McNealy from somewhere in cyberspace. Yes, Second Life can take a little getting used to.

The software used for the APM Virtual Trade Show was much more intuitive and everything worked seamlessly.  I’m often confused in real life, so I was a bit concerned about running around in a virtual world with no training. However, despite my typical navigational challenges, I had no trouble figuring out how to both hang out in the Networking Lounge, while simultaneously listening to the various presentations and Webcasts where experts were enlightening us with advice on performance and load test.

If you missed the virtual seminar, don’t worry. All presentations will be available for the next month at the following link: Application Performance Management Virtual Seminar: Build, Bug and Lifecycle Strategies.

And to give you very early notice, SearchSoftwareQuality’s next virtual trade show will be about Application Lifecycle Management and is planned for May 19th.

So no need to learn to virtually fly or create a fancy avatar.  Enjoy the virtual trade show and plan to join us at the next trade show on May 19th.

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