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New SQI blogger helps program ASQ quality conference

Software Quality Insights blogger Mike Kelly has kept this blog up to date on software testing. Rounding things out, we now welcome a software quality assurance (QA) expert Stuart Yarost as guest blogger. A computer engineer with numerous certifications, Yarost has worked in avionics testing, QA and development for more than two decades.

Yarost is also a devoted member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and vice chair of programs for ASQ’s Software Division. Currently, he is helping plan programs for The World Conference on Quality and Improvement ASQ’s yearly national conference. Running from May 18-20 in Minneapolis, the conference will offer over 100 sessions.

“There is something for you no matter your area of interest,” Yarost said. “As a software quality assurance engineer, I will be attending the Institute of Software Excellence (ISE), one of three special institutes being held concurrent with WCQI.” The ISE, run by ASQ’s Software Division, is being held for the first time in 2009.

All the ISE sessions pertain to areas that affect software quality. “They not only cover how to test, but also how to control the whole software development process, ensuring that the software product is developed with software quality from the beginning,” said Yarost. Topics covered will include using Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), lean practices, or data-driven software management and

The conference’s presenters are “the movers and shakers in the software quality field,” Yarost said. For example, Bob Stoddard — who is presenting on “CMMI High Maturity Made Practical” — was part of the team that developed CMMI. Also, Linda Westfall — presenting “Software Is a Risky Business” — was the first person to receive recognition as an ASQ.

There’s a full listing of ISE sessions on the ASQ conference site. Besides the presentations by Stoddard and Westfall, other sessions include the following:

  • Kandy Senthilmaran – How to Set up IT Dashboards Using the Critical to Quality (CTQ) Process
  • Zigmund Bluvband, Sergey Porotsky – Reliability Centered Lean Software Testing
  • Timothy G Olson – How to Lean Processes and Procedures Using Best Practices
  • Taz Daughtrey – Data-Driven Software Management
  • Carol Dekkers – Are You Smarter Than a CSQE?
  • Mark Paulk – Selecting and Implementing a Best Practice Framework

Yarost is one of the hosts of the Software Division hospitality suite on Monday, May 18. He’ll be blogging from the conference for Software Quality Insights.

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