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New testing tool portal launches

This week marks the launch of a new portal of software testing tools run by The Clever Tester Network. While I’ve always been a fan of, this looks like a useful new site.

In the press release for the launch, Managing Director of the Clever Tester Network Andrew Hutchinson states,

“We are very excited about the launch, and hope that the Quality Assurance community finds to be a cutting-edge source for all of their software testing needs. As we know in test management, it is important to utilize tools that assist us in maintaining accuracy, time constraints and budget.”

The site boasts over 1,000 tools broken out across 39 categories. It includes the ability for users to submit new tools for the site, along with user-submitted reviews and rankings. Along with the standard tool listings for performance and test automation tools, the site has a collection of tools for web traffic analysis, server management, data generation and Cloud Based Testing tools.

Just looking through the performance testing tools listed, I see a lot of new names that I don’t recognize. On the other hand, at the time I wrote this review, the “Test Environment Management” category on the site had no tools listed under it. So I’m not sure how well the 39 categories are covered.

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