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Pre-deployment application performance testing: A talk with Shunra executives

The old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies to application development, particularly now, when applications are going mobile and social at unprecedented rates, according to Shunra Chairman and CEO Gary Jackson. He and Senior Director of Product Management, Dave Berg, spoke about Shunra’s latest pre-deployment application performance testing services and recent partnerships with application testing providers HP, SOASTA, Jamo and Keynote DeviceAnywhere.


Pre-deployment testing is perhaps more critical now than in the past due to “mobile and the speed at which enterprises are now releasing mobile applications. Whereas a few years ago you might have a month, six months or even a year between release cycles, now you sometimes have to get a new product or upgrade out in a matter of weeks or days. Agile has also contributed to this increased speed in lifecycle development,” Jackson explained.


There is increased pressure to rapidly and accurately distribute applications across various devices, networks and operating systems. Even so, “You don’t want your end users to be your testers,” says Dave Berg. Now more than ever it is important that end users receive the best possible product, as failures are costly and go public quickly.


One of the challenges with mobile app performance testing has been that while one user can conduct performance testing on their phone, using a particular carrier, in a particular geographical location, and other users can test on their respective devices and networks, it was difficult to re-create the same testing conditions again and again. Shunra now makes it possible to test and retest under the exact same conditions to fix performance issues, according to Berg. Shunra maintains a database of conditions from multiple sources, allowing you to incorporate them with load testing and functional testing as well.


Just as preventive healthcare reduces the costs associated with treatment of illnesses, addressing performance issues prior to deployment can produce tremendous cost savings. Several studies have pointed to the fact that “60% of the total cost in an application’s lifecycle comes from remediating performance related issues after the app has been deployed,” according to Jackson. He continued, “If you cut that number down just a few points, you will see astronomical savings and ROI on the pre-deployment testing you performed. It is often close to 100 to one in cost savings.”

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