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Preview of Agile2011: Agile project management and enterprise Agile

The Atlanta Scrum Users Group met on July 27 to discuss the Agile Alliance 2011 conference, as some group members will be presenting at this year’s conference. Agile coach Mike Cottmeyer of LeadingAgile LLC offered some highlights on a presentation he will be doing for introductory track attendees titled “Introduction to Agile Planning and Project Management.”

One question he will address is, “Where does project management fit in a self-organizing team?” Project managers may feel that their role is at odds with the Agile process, but Mike has advice on how to redefine team members’ roles so that organizations can take advantage of Agile values and principles. He says, “Management offers guidance and a container within which the team operates,” and he believes Agile concepts can be adapted to nearly any type of project.

The presentation will offer a thorough examination of Agile principles and goals, and the roles of various team members, as well as a comprehensive explanation of story mapping with a breakdown of epics, features and user stories.

In addition, Mike Cottmeyer and Dennis Stevens, an Agile coach with Synaptus, will be co-presenting on “Exploring Enterprise Agile Transformation Strategies.” This presentation digs deeper into the difference between Agile adoption and full Agile transformation. Mike said that “the goal is never to adopt Agile,” as leaders care about achieving tangible goals. They will demonstrate how Agile contributes to meeting organizational goals and will look at specific case studies to show practical application of Agile concepts.

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