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QA Leadership Summit: Overcoming challenges and identifying your brand

I’ve been attending the Denver SQuAD conference this week, including a half-day QA Leadership Summit, facilitated by Michelle Rocke and Bev Berry.

The summit was attended by QA leaders and managers, discussing some of the challenges they face. The changing role of the tester, challenges around Agile adoption, and gathering QA metrics to help with business decisions, were just a few of the topics which opened up some lively conversation.

An hour of the afternoon was spent on the concept of branding. The question was posed: What is your QA Brand? How do other groups view the QA group? As a scapegoat? A hero? Is the QA team viewed as a bottleneck or a valuable partner?

As leaders, QA managers are responsible for defining, building and marketing their brand. There should be clarity, consistency and unity in your message. Understand the perceptions and expectations of the groups you interact with. Work with them to understand why they may have the perceptions they do and to ensure that your message and brand is well-communicated.

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