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Recession causing software developers to rethink processes

With the recession weighing down on all of us, I’ve heard a few people talk about not letting this crisis go to waste. Ryan Martens in his column last week said now is the time for companies to take a close look at their development processes and make changes that will reduce costs now as well as in the future.

HP Software is also talking about taking advantage of the crisis. Mark Sarbiewski, director of product marketing at HP Software, said the company recommends leveraging the crisis to do three things:

  1. Get control of IT spending — Determine priorities and eliminate low-priority things.
  2. Put solutions in place now that allow you to centralize, eliminate redundancy, and maximize your experts
  3. Drive through process change and automation — Standardize on best practices and automate, focusing on the development process and operations.

To help companies accomplish those things, HP Software today announced two significant products: HP Quality Center 10.0 and HP Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB) 8.0.

“We look at Quality Center 10.0 as the heart of how you can change the software development life cycle,” Sarbiewski said. “It includes requirements management, test management, and defect management all in one place.”

At any time you can see how you’re doing against the software requirements. Additionally, HP has improved the ability to share things between projects.

“In Quality Center 10.0 we’ve expanded beyond the simple project model and can promote processes to all projects and share things with all projects throughout the entire cycle,” Sarbiewski said.

Quality Center 10.0 also integrates with HP’s other testing solutions.

To help on the operations side, HP Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB) 8.0 can help organizations continually track how everything connects and manage change across all the tiers.

“We’ve now integrated this dependency map into all those systems. I’m monitoring the parts of the biz service and all the pieces support it. I can automatically notify if I see something going wrong in any piece,” Sarbiewski said. “We’re moving from being reactive to being predictive.”

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