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Regression test, reporting tools mark VersionOne's new release

VersionOne, an Agile-focused application lifecycle management product (ALM) vendor, has just released Ultimate Edition, a suite of software testing and management tools that includes current and new features. Customizable reporting capabilities and enhanced regression test functionality are new features in the new Ultimate Edition package.

Other VersionOne solutions include Team Edition, a free set of tools for a single team new to agile. It is a web-based tool based on spreadsheets with an agile workflow. The Enterprise Edition builds on the Team Edition, scaling for multiple teams, projects and locations. The Ultimate Edition adds customizable analytics platform and enhanced regression test management to the Enterprise Edition.

I spoke with VersionOne CEO Robert Holler shortly after the Ultimate Edition announcement. He said that VersionOne uses its own IdeaSpace software to collect input from users about what features they’re intested in. Requests for reporting enhancements have been repeatedly asked for, he said, and new features will allow users more choices in reporting.

“They’ll be able to use one of the many role-based best practice dashboards, a configurable analytics grid which is essentially a spreadsheet on steroids or use our wizard-driven user interface allowing roll-your-own reports.”

In talking about the enhancements for regression test management, Holler explained that VersionOne’s Ultimate Edition allows for the creation of a repository of regression tests that can be chosen from the acceptance test buckets and run automatically with builds as scheduled. I asked if the regression test enhancements were a result of user requests as well, but Holler said that was more of a strategic decision for VersionOne. 

As for the bundling of the Ideas Management module, I couldn’t really see the advantage for this piece of the announcement. The Ideas Management module is still available as a separate add-on and doesn’t add any improved functionality when packaged with the Ultimate Edition. Holler said that they were trying to move away from the modular approach and provide more of a full-function solution with the bundling.

When asked how he felt about the recent announcement of CollabNet’s acquisition of Danube’s ScrumWorks, Holler felt that it was a positive sign of the industry’s recognition of the agile trend.  “There is consolidation going on and incredible interest and momentum around agile,” he said.

VersionOne uses agile methodologies in internal software development. Also, iterative releases and agile concepts are also used in VersionOne’s marketing and services organizations.  “Fundamentally it’s a good way to do business,” Holler said.

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