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Replay Solutions announces diagnostics portal and APIs for replay

On September 27th, Replay Solutions announced the ReplayLIGHTNING application diagnostics portal, an analytics front end to their ReplayDIRECTOR products. The company also announced ReplayCONTROL, a set of open API’s that will allow third party products to add replay functionality to their solution.

This is an example of the trends we’re seeing in ALM tools, bringing DevOps into the application lifecycle and allowing for diagnostic data to be displayed back into the development environment for debugging. The open APIs, too, will allow for the integration of tools, which is another area that development teams are looking for when they select ALM tools.

SSQ spoke to Larry Lunetta, president and CEO of Replay Solutions, and Jonathan Lindo, co-founder and Senior Vice President of Technology, about the announcement. 

“ReplayLIGHTNING is a lightweight monitoring solution that looks for critical events and then allows you to access some of the deep data that we capture in our recordings,” said Lindo. The data that is provided includes:

  • Rapid application diagnostics around critical events
  • Performance profiling data
  • Memory leak location
  • Code coverage information

This month SSQ has been specifically covering continuous integration solutions, so we asked Lindo about how the ReplaySolutions toolset played into this space. He answered:

A lot of times when you’re running CI it’s going to be recording test failures between builds.

It’s useful to look at the differences between two builds. What are the differences in not only test failures, but application behavior? How does my application behave differently? Did it turn more exceptions? Did it expose more logging? Was there higher database activity as a result of that code change? You can use the reporting that comes out of ReplayLIGHTNING to compare and contrast and generate differences or “diffs” between different builds that are passing through the CI system.

We also spoke to voke inc. founder and analyst Theresa Lanowitz about the announcement, who said:

Lifecycle virtualization is a new hub that delivers easy solutions to the age old problems of application development.

Through our research we see great value and immediate ROI in this technology, including virtual lab management, services virtualization, and automated defect identification solutions, such as Replay.

The days of struggling with elusive defects can be left as a challenge of the past. Leveraging tools like Replay that combine, automated defect identification, monitoring and rapid diagnostics empower teams with unprecedented information to eliminate even the most elusive defects.

Regardless of whether an organization uses a full ALM suite or no tools at all, all organizations should harness the power of lifecycle virtualization to modernize their practices.

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