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Replay Solutions announces new mobile performance tools

Replay Solutions recently announced that they are expanding their performance monitoring tools to the mobile market. Larry Lunetta, CEO, and Jonathan Lindo, VP of Products and Technology at Replay, explained how the two new solutions work.

ReplayMOBILE focuses on pre-production and records and monitors applications while they run in real-time. It offers the same application record and replay capability in HTML 5 and JavaScript that Replay previously offered for the C, C++ and Java platforms. Anyone can take the recordings and replay them using mobile app virtualization on another device; or they can reproduce issues as they occurred in the field or during test in a browser.

Lindo explained:

It’s a very powerful ability to transport any issue, whether performance-related, security-related, or a logic bug, from a test environment back to the developer’s desktop, where he or she has a very rich set of tools that can be applied to understanding and fixing that problem.

apmMOBILE, which is focused on production and is applied in a more lightweight manner, offers real user monitoring for enterprise help desk and customer support. It can be enabled on every mobile application, and operates in either an “always on” mode or be activated on-demand. Lindo explained, “We are able to expose a level of information that we haven’t seen to date on the market — things like performance trending, deployment metrics and AppDex monitoring.”

An important aspect of these two offerings, according to Larry Lunetta, is the following:

Another difference in this market is that there is a whole set of platforms that have developed around HTML 5 and JavaScript, such as PhoneGap, Titanium, Sybase, and we fit seamlessly into those platforms and support the HTML 5 JavaScript that’s generated. That’s a big accelerant to the number of apps, especially for the enterprise, that are being deployed on mobile devices.

For more on mobile performance, see Performance management for mobile devices: Solutions and strategies.

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