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SQuAD conference kicks off with two half-day workshops

Boy, do I feel lucky to be living in the Denver area. Not only do I get to attend monthly meetings of the SQuAD (Software Quality Association of Denver), but today started the two-day SQuAD conference! The morning kicked off with opening remarks by Melissa Tondi, followed by two half-day workshops.

I attended Jon Hagar’s morning session about creating attacks for embedded software. I’d heard Hagar speak about embedded software before and was interested in learning more. This time we had some hands-on time testing of a 21-question hand-held game.

“When you’re thrown into a test situation, where do you start?” asked Hagar as he gave us the hand-held games telling us to “test.”  When I asked if there was any documentation available, Hagar gave me the thumbs up, though he didn’t seem overly impressed by my quick response teasing, “You’ve heard me speak before!”  He gave us the user instructions, but talked to us about ways of testing that would go beyond simply “happy path” testing using documentation.

For the afternoon session, I attended the QA Leadership Summit led by Bev Berry and Michelle Rocke. Several questions were posed to the group which spawned discussions including topics of Agile adoption, challenges QA managers face, the changing roles of testers, and quality metrics used to make decisions.

The conference continues tomorrow with morning keynotes by Lee Copeland and Michael Bolton, followed by a variety of presentations by industry leaders.  If you can’t attend, follow the conference on Twitter with #squadco and stay tuned as I report back with more video and reports later this week.

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