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STAREAST Test Lab allows users to get hands-on training

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could really conduct testing while at a test conference? That’s the question that prompted the creation of STAR Test Lab. Brain child of Bart Knaack and James Lindsey, Test Lab allows participants to get some hands-on testing experience. Its first implementation was at EuroSTAR 2009, and it has been tried at a few other conferences worldwide, but this is its inaugural year at STAREAST.

Tables are set up with handouts giving tools and test ideas and allowing for competitions as well. The Testlab menu includes everything from light assignments with little preparation required (starters) to sophistocated and in-depth exercises (high calorie desserts.)

Currently, Lisa Crispin is giving an introduction to test automation design using Selenium and Robot Framework.

Here’s the schedule for today and Thursday, with openings for additional sessions.


10:00 AM Usability testing: heuristic evaluation – B. Knaack/Julian Harty
11:00 AM How to set up maintainable automated testing – Lisa Crispin
11:45 AM Testing in pairs – Michael Bolton
1:30 PM How to use rapid reporter – Shmuel Gershon
2:30 PM Combinatorial Test Design Tool – Justin Hunter
4:00 PM Discussion group: How to manage agile testing? to be announced
6:30 PM Closure


9:30 AM Torturing the test lab – James and Jon Bach
11:30 AM Something exciting and new – Jacob Hooghiemstra
12:30 PM Testing with the gurus lunch
2:30 PM How to set up actionwords?

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