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Security testing in an Agile environment

Recently, has been examining the ongoing adoption of the Agile approach in small and large organizations. Our research shows that project success is highly dependent upon diligent requirements management processes and comprehensive security testing efforts.

It can be helpful to learn from others what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. While several aspects of Agile methodologies have changed since its inception a decade ago, some techniques translate into today’s projects. For more on implementing smaller projects, read QA expert professional Chris McMahon’s tip: Early days of Agile development: Lessons for small projects.

Security expert John Overbaugh addresses one of the top security vulnerabilities in Web applications: an injection attack, where the application is tricked into treating input as if it were code so that a hacker can infiltrate the application. For techniques on how to test for injection vulnerabilities, check out his tip: Application security: Testing for injection vulnerabilities.

In preparation for the STAREAST 2011 conference taking place May 1-6, Site Editor Yvette Francino and other SSQ contributors have been conducting interviews with presenters:

  • Learn about Test Centers of Excellence in this interview with quality advocate Tom Delmonte.
  • For information on testing for unexpected problems such as system faults or malicious attacks, read this interview about fuzzing and fault modeling with STAREAST presenter Shmuel Gershon.
  • How has Agile testing changed over the past 10 years, and what are the most important skills for an Agile tester? Find out in this interview between Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory, co-authors of, “Agile Testing — A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams.”

SearchSoftwareQuality editors and contributors will be in attendance at this important software testing event this week. Check back here for ongoing coverage, including more interviews, tips and blog posts.

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