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Serena announces updates to Orchestrated IT tools, supporting IT agility

Business and IT are becoming more closely linked and collaborative. Serena announced Monday that they have updated their Orchestrated IT tools, which facilitate IT agility and enable enterprises to better utilize mobile, social and cloud technologies.

In an interview with David Hurwitz, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Serena, he discussed the nature of DevOps in today’s organizations: “We find that in mid-sized to larger enterprises that are not pure dot-coms, nobody really has DevOps on their business cards. It’s more of a mindset that needs to get supported through live artifacts and by automating the whole pre-release and release-to-production flow.”

He added that “release management is where the rubber meets the road in DevOps,” highlighting the new Serena Release Manager product, which adds development-driven release management to Serena’s existing operations-driven release management support tools.

Other updates include Serena Service Manager, designed to support social IT collaboration; Serena Mobile Request Center, which takes advantage of mobile device capabilities; and Serena Mobile Dashboard, which enables users to perform IT analytics on the iPad.

Hurwitz commented that the phrase “online Agile business” doesn’t just mean Agile as in “Agile development,” but agile in a more general sense. Collaboration between business and IT is more important than ever, as “IT has finally reached the promised land where they are intrinsic to what the business needs to do,” he said.

Major players such as IBM Rational and CA offer competitive products, but “Serena is the only one to approach IT management from an orchestrated point of view. Human workflow automation and integration with existing systems are what differentiate orchestrated IT from other systems,” Hurwitz explained.

In conjunction with the release of these updated solutions, Serena is holding the “IT Agility Deserves a Beer” Haiku Twitter Contest. The winner will receive beer for a year. For details, click here.

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