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Serena survey reveals current state of Agile

At the recent Agile2012 conference, Serena Software conducted a survey amongst attendees to take the pulse of Agile development within the Agile community. Serena polled approximately 100 IT professionals, asking a few brief questions about how they were using Agile within their organizations, and how well they thought it was working.

One of the key takeaways highlighted by Serena’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Miguel Tam, is that while overall development is doing well with Agile, “the problem seems to be more that once you extend the principles of Agile outside of the core development team, there are some potential pitfalls that companies need to be cautious about.”

Respondents cited communicating with customers more effectively as the biggest challenge; over 50% indicated that understanding and prioritizing customer demand needed the most improvement, according to the survey.

Another survey finding revealed that customers only have visibility into releases 45% of the time. “This one to me was pretty surprising because the whole concept of Agile is to really deliver what the customers are looking for, and also to eliminate the whole black box of IT of not knowing what’s going on,” said Tam. This lack of visibility indicates a need for Agile development teams to share information more readily, he said.

Serena offers three main recommendations in response to the survey results. Tam explained the first recommendation, saying, “Not everybody is Agile, and not everyone interprets Agile the same way. You need to think that there are different ways to communicate and orchestrate your processes, the way you talk to each other, common terminology so that you have Agile teams and non-Agile teams able to work in sync very closely.”

Other recommendations describe the importance of focusing on the entire lifecycle and remembering the mainframe. Details about the survey results and recommendations are included in the infographic.

To view the “There’s More to Agile than Development” infographic, click here.

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