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Shmuel Gershon on fuzzing and more at STAREAST 2011

Earlier this month, SSQ contributor Matt Heusser interviewed Shmuel Gershon, previewing his presentation at STAREAST about software testing with fuzzing and fault modeling. The interview gives a good overview of how you can simulate attacks or create conditions that are not ideal that will uncover bugs in real-world situations rather than a typical pristine test environment.

Heusser had suggested titling the interview, “Schmoozing with Shmuel.” Although we ended up going with a different title, “schmoozing with Shmuel” does have a nice ring to it, and I felt lucky to have my own opportunity to schmooze with Shmuel at a one-on-one interview at STAREAST 2011. I met Shmuel last year at STAREAST 2010, and I’ve always been impressed by his warmth and attention, not just to the business of software testing, but to connecting with people. A leader at Intel, he’s quite active in various software test communities and a mentor and friend to many.

Gershon is an active blogger and recently released an open source test tool, Rapid Reporter, which helps keep track of notes while exploratory testing.

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