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Shunra releases new mobile app performance testing tool

Shunra recently announced a new mobile app performance testing tool, vCat for Mobile, which expands their existing vCat technology to mobile devices. Dave Berg, senior director of product management and Shunra COO Bill Varga, offered details on how this tool works and the benefits it provides.

In developing vCat for Mobile, Shunra added two new improvements, including an enhanced API that allows the ability to remotely control the product through Web services. “You can control it through a phone, or another application, which makes the total cost of ownership go down and simplifies different use cases,” said Berg.

They also added the capability to virtualize more than one network on one piece of software, supporting up to 10 simultaneous networks.

Analysis has shown that vCat for Mobile improves mobile app performance by over 40%. Berg explained that Shunra tested the product by cloning very popular websites and implementing vCat recommendations to see how performance improved. The controlled environment of vCat technology enables companies to experiment with various changes before implementing them across their applications.

Varga explained the value of pre-deployment testing, warning that “just a 250 millisecond delay is enough to lose customers to a competitive offering and damage company brand. With vCat for Mobile, organizations now have a powerful tool to measure, evaluate and optimize their applications to ensure a positive customer experience.”

He discussed how Shunra uses discovery tools called NetworkCatcher that provide primary and secondary tool options for specific use conditions. NetworkCatcher was designed specifically for application performance engineering, Berg added.

For more on application performance engineering, see the white paper “Mobile Application Performance Engineering: A lifecycle approach to achieving confidence in application performance.

Ultimately, vCat for Mobile offers companies a strong ROI and reduction in total cost of ownership. “Pre-production helps avoid significant remediation expenses for all of our customers,” concluded Varga.

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