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Social media and ALM: Serena hosting Twitter PlusIs contest

This month, SSQ is exploring the use of social media in ALM. As SSQ’s Melanie Webb writes in the article: Social media: How savvy businesses are capitalizing on collaborative tools:

Social media plays an important role in facilitating interaction between businesses and their customers, according to many industry experts.

We spoke to representatives at Serena to find out how they’re using social media, and Twitter, in particular. Serena is currently hosting a “PlusIs” contest via Twitter running through January 19, 2012.

SSQ: What prompted Serena to host the #PlusIs Twitter Contest?

The #PlusIs contest is a chance for Serena to gain awareness and also for our followers and customers to use Twitter and their imaginations to get creative, have fun and win great prizes, such as the grand prize of an iPad 2 and a donation of $250 towards the charity of their choice. With three categories to submit for—IT, Tis the Season and General—there is something for everyone in Serena Software’s #PlusIs Twitter contest. Serena wanted to do something fun and also encourage people to give back this holiday season.

SSQ: Can you tell us some of the more creative entries you’ve received so far?

Sure, here are some top contenders:

   – Poor Release Management + Frazzled Service Desk = Pain Management 
   – SBM + ARMY = ITIL in place
   – #SF49ers + Sunday IS must see TV
   – San Fran Occupy camp w/mite & lice infestation + Christmas song = Fleas Navidad

SSQ: Does Serena use Twitter to gather feedback from customers?

Yes. Customers provide feedback to @Serena_Support and we also use this Twitter channel to give regular news on hints and tips, new releases and would also use it to communicate a Sev1 situation if one occurred. We were also able to contact an unhappy customer purely due to Twitter and make them whole again.

SSQ: How else does Serena use social media?

Serena also uses social media to promote new case studies, webinars and company announcements.

SSQ: Do any of Serena’s products have “social features” built in?

Yes. Next month Serena Service Manager a “circles of expert” capability that will empower IT Service Deck professionals to connect with identified circles of expert in real time to resolve incidents. For example, when an SAP Production incident is reported, the system will automatically identify the “SAP Experts” based on the number of SAP-related incidents that each identified individual had successfully closed over a configurable period of time.

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