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Social media is changing the way we do business

There was a time when two-way communication was limited primarily to those people with whom we already had relationships. Then social media came along bringing us a whole new way to communicate. Virtual networks are giving us access to more information than we ever thought possible. We have more than access to information and documentation, though. We have access to people – experts, team members, authors, vendors and customers. This ability to connect with anyone from around the world has helped in fostering stronger communication and collaboration in teams, regardless of where team members are physically located.

SSQ has published a number of articles and expert responses focused on how social media has changed the way businesses operate. In Social media: A guide to enhancing ALM with collaborative tools, you’ll find a collection of tips, stories and expert responses describing ALM tools that take advantage of social features and how distributed teams are taking advantage of social tools.

Recently, SSQ’s Agile expert Lisa Crispin spoke at our local SQuAD (Software Quality Association of Denver) meeting about distributed teaming and challenged us all to experiment with new ideas. Listen in and hear some of her thoughts about distributed teams and social media. “It’s really transforming how we work,” says Crispin about social media, a big Twitter fan.

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