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Software salaries -- it's still very good news

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Job site just posted its top 25 highest paying jobs in America and 11 of those jobs were in high tech. And more than half of those, 7 actually, were software related.

It’s a really good time to be in development, clearly, with software salaries rising almost as fast as demand. But before you feel too good about your career choice, a quick look at the healthcare profession might bring you down to earth. Salaries for jobs in that field — physician, pharmacist, nurse practitioner, medical science liaison, pharmacy manager — are as high or higher than many software dev jobs and demand for them — based on the number of open positions at the time the report was released — is actually higher.

One lesson we can take from this is that someone with so-called hybrid skills, like a programmer who is also a nurse practitioner, can really name his or her own ticket.

But the picture is still bright even if you don’t have hybrid skills. An application development manager, the 8th highest paying job in the report, can expect a median base salary of $112,045. But a peek at the actual jobs available show potentially much, much higher paychecks, like upwards of $180,000.

What are the other winners? Enterprise architects have a median base salary of $112,560, while software engineering managers can expect $109,350 and software architects, $104,754. UX managers can look forward to a median of $98,353, while a scrum master can ask for at least $95,167.

Interestingly, despite the mad scramble for “DevOps” professionals, no job with the word DevOps in its title was in the list. Software testers and AI engineers didn’t make the list either. Data scientists did.

So, are you underpaid, overpaid, or paid just right? And did your job make it on the list? Should it have? Let me know.