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Strategies for Agile enterprises: Agile2012 conference coverage recap has offered a wide variety of coverage on Agile in the enterprise this month, coinciding with the Agile2012 conference last week in Dallas, Texas. Here is a recap of conference coverage:

Agile2012 preview: Emerging strategies for Agile enterprises

Mike Cottmeyer, enterprise Agile coach at LeadingAgile, LLC, gave a preview of what to expect from both his Wednesday talk, “Patterns for Agile Adoption and Transformation,” and his Thursday talk, “Understanding Agile Program and Portfolio Management.” Each offers strategies for managers to adopt Agile and change the structure of project management within the organization.

Agile2012 preview: Defining and delivering value with structured conversations

Structured conversations enable team members to communicate more effectively and meet delivery expectations, according to Ellen Gottesdiener, principal consultant and Mary Gorman, VP of quality and delivery at EBG Consulting, who co-presented “The Product Partnership: Using Structured Conversations to Deliver Value.”

Effective team communication strategies: Structured conversations, product partnerships

Consultants Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman provide insight into logical strategies that aid in team communication in Agile organizations that include structured conversations in this article, which explores these ideas more in-depth.

Applying Lean-Agile principles for successful enterprise agility

How can Lean-Agile principles help guide teams in successfully adopting Agile in the enterprise? Alan Shalloway, founder and CEO of NetObjectives, presented “Scaling Agile with Multiple Teams: Using Lean to Drive Business Value.” His presentation highlighted effective principles as well as case studies that demonstrate successful implementations.

Emergn announces VFQ work-based learning program at Agile2012

Agile practitioners who seek to improve their skills have a new training option available to them. At Agile2012, Emergn announced its launch of Value Flow Quality (VFQ) Education, a work-based learning program that enables project managers, developers, testers and other team members to complete self-driven training, immediately applying skills while working on their current projects.

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