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Tasktop presents new ALM synchronization tool

Monday Tasktop announced the release of the first real-time ALM synchronization tool, Tasktop Sync, which enables instant communication for collaboration between testers and developers, as well as real-time updates via server-to-server synchronization. Different stakeholders can view the progress of projects from their respective home environments simultaneously. It also offers visibility into all artifact types.

According to Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop Technologies, large organizations transitioning to Agile development struggle with communication and traceability. “With application complexity continually rising, it is no longer feasible to effectively collaborate and report over disconnected chains of email,” he says. Tasktop Sync is unique in that it facilitates access to pertinent information for all disparate team members; this makes it ideal for enterprises who wish to maximize the benefits of Agile.

Demonstrations on how to use Tasktop Sync are being given at the Agile2011 conference this week.

See the video below for information from Neelan Choksi, President and COO of TaskTop:

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