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Tester's view: IBM buys source code analysis company

In a press release yesterday, IBM announced it would be acquiring Ounce Labs Inc., whose software helps companies reduce the risks and costs associated with security and compliance concerns. IBM will integrate Ounce Labs products into its Rational software business.

For those who might not be familiar, the current lineup of Ounce products include:

  • Ounce Core is their security source code analysis engine, used to assess code, enforce rules and policies, and it houses the Ounce security knowledgebase
  • Ounce Security Analyst scans, triages and assigns results, and manages security policies allowing you to take action on priority vulnerabilities.
  • Ounce Portfolio Manager delivers at-a-glance metrics and information to manage risk enterprise-wide.
  • Ounce Automation Server augments Ounce Core by integrating and automating scanning, publishing, and reporting in build environments.
  • Ounce Developer Plug-Ins helps pinpoint vulnerabilities and provides remediation advice for rapid fixes.

For those familiar with the latest offerings of IBM Rational, it comes as no surprise that the Ounce Labs products will be offered as part of the IBM Rational AppScan family of Web application security and compliance testing solutions. The current suite of IBM Rational tools (AppScan and Policy Tester) provide some of the basics around security vulnerability scanning, content scanning and compliance testing, but they aren’t as full featured as their competitors products.

When the current Quality Manager suite of tools from Rational came out a year (or so) ago, I was quite happy to see AppScan integrated more closely with the testing products. And over the last several years, Rational has done a better job of integrating their testing and development platforms — moving the tools to a common platform/IDE, etc. Hopefully the addition of the Ounce products will continue that trend of bringing team members together in a common toolset.

For more information on the acquisition, has the full story.

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