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The Software Quality Insights blog is back and it's better than ever.

I’ll be updating the blog at least once a week from here on in. You can expect a healthy dose advice and commentary each week as I relate news and tidbits that either didn’t make the cut at or else just haven’t posted to the site yet. I’ll also keep you up to date on what’s happening here at from week to week.

The big news right now is that there’s a new site editor in town, namely me –James Denman. Jenn Lent did a great job in her time at the helm and she left us on very good terms. In fact, she’s still writing a regular Quality Time column for us as well as occasional tips and news stories. While we’re sad that we’ll no longer work together every day, we’re still glad to have her as a regular contributor.

Lent’s last column was a real treat. She gave us a solid look at application portfolio management and how to get enterprise applications front and center for business as well as IT. She said too many organizations are lacking a clear view of what applications they have and what they do with them. If you look at building and facilities management, on the other hand, most businesses know exactly how many buildings they own and operate and have a pretty accurate estimate of the buildings’ market value. So the first step in APM, according to Lent and her sources, is to get a handle on what you’re working with, which is just exactly what the APM project management lead at the Port of San Diego recently experienced firsthand.

In other news – or I guess I should say tips – three other great ladies have graced the (web)pages of with great stories lately. Yvette Francino (another former site editor here) gave us four tips on cloud testing tools focusing on risks and challenges, selecting the right services, choosing public or private clouds, and taking control of the service level agreement (SLA). Project and program management expert and author Johanna Rothman was good enough to lay out ways to stop multitasking and get projects to done. She outlined alternate project management styles including committing to one iteration at a time, committing to one feature at a time, or scheduling time specifically for dealing with interruptions and secondary projects. Last but not least, intrepid journalist Crystal Bedell brought us some easy ways to improve mobile application performance from sources like PerfTestPlus President and CTO Scott Barber.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, but rest assured there is much, much more to come. Until next time, keep leaving things better than you found them.

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